Promoting Your Self-Storage Facility With A Community Garage Sale

When it comes to promoting your self-storage facility, there are lots of ways you can advertise while also giving your tenants a way to cash in on your marketing. One of these options is to host a community garage sale. This event lets tenants purge their unwanted items while inviting the public to see just what your facility has to offer. Here are a few tips you can use for hosting this type of event.

Stage A Model Unit

Part of the goal of this event is to attract new tenants. You can make your facility more attractive to potential customers by staging a model unit. Choose an empty unit close to the entrance of your facility, and fill it with an assortment of boxes and furniture. Arrange the items so the space doesn't look cluttered, and add both large and small items to demonstrate the different ways the unit can be used. Place a card table near the front with some brochures for your facility.

Give Away Free Merchandise

The visitors to your community garage sale may not find any items to purchase, but that doesn't mean they have to walk away empty-handed. Have some promotional items created for your event, and pass them out to guests as they enter your facility. Some ideas might include reusable shopping bags visitors can use to hold items they've purchased, collapsible storage totes they can use in their new storage units, or bottles of water to keep everyone hydrated as they shop.

Make Tables Available To Tenants

One nice thing you can do for the tenants participating in the community garage sale is to make tables available for displaying items. This makes it easier for them to set up on the day of the event, and it also shows that you care about making them feel appreciated. You can also provide folding chairs for each tenant as well.

Rent A Dumpster

Part of purging storage units is getting rid of damaged or unsellable items. Rent a roll-off dumpster for the day, and give your tenants fee use of the container. They can use the dumpster to throw away unwanted items or items that don't sell during the garage sale. Consider having the dumpster available a few days before the event so tenants can use it to prepare for the big sales day.

Be sure to advertise your community garage sale on social media pages and in local papers. The more buzz you generate, the more potential customers will come to check out your storage facility. For more tips, check with companies like Pelahatchie Bay Mini Storage.