Tips For Storing Your Car

The prospects of storing your car can be enough to give you a sense of stress as you may not like the idea of being separated from this valuable asset. However, storing your car can be necessary if you are to keep it safe from several types of wear and tear that could prove to be very damaging to the vehicle. When you are preparing to put your vehicle into storage, there are several tips that should be considered to reduce the risk of you overlooking some fairly basic but important steps.

Protect The Exterior

When preparing a car for storage, it is necessary to pay a substantial amount of attention to the mechanical parts of the vehicle. However, it is also important to take active steps for protecting the exterior of the car from some damages. In particular, scratches, corrosion, and discoloration can be routinely encountered issues for cars that are being stored. You can help to reduce the risk of these issues impacting your vehicle by covering the vehicle with a protective cover. This cover will stop water and other substances from getting onto the vehicle and damaging it.

Decide Whether It Is Necessary To Drain The Fluids

Over a prolonged storage period, the various fluids in the car can start to degrade. This may lead to situations where the gas and oil are unable to function, which can lead to sizable engine problems. When storing a car for longer than a few weeks, it may be necessary to take steps to prevent this. For storage periods that will last up to several months, fuel and oil stabilizers can be used to prevent this degradation from occurring. These stabilizers will have limits to what they can do, and you should check the labeling to ensure that your car will not be stored longer than the maximum recommended time for the stabilizer. If you suspect it may need to be stored longer, the safest option will simply be to drain the fluids.

Treat It For Pests

Pest problems can be an issue that people may not fully anticipate when they are preparing to store their vehicles. However, insects and rodents can often target stored vehicles due to the fact that they can offer an excellent source of shelter. You will need to treat the interior of the vehicle with pesticides before you place the vehicle into storage. Also, you should consider using a storage facility that offers pest control services so that you can be sure your vehicle is protected throughout its time in storage at a facility like Ship Creek Storage