Safety Tips For Using A Rented Self-Storage Unit For The First Time

If you are running out of space in your small house as your family grows, then renting a self-storage unit will help you clean out some of your cramped space and make more room for your family. While self-storage units are generally very safe, there are some things you must do to ensure that you and your belongings are well protected while they are being stored. To this end, here are some safety tips for people using a rented self-storage unit for the first time to assist you:

Safety Tip: Never Store Perishable Foods in Your Storage Unit

If you keep a large food storage at home for emergency situations, then you should not move it into your rented storage unit. Any foods that are perishable or not stored in cans or jars are susceptible to rodent and insect infestation while in storage. And, not only will the rodents and insects be attracted to your storage unit, but they will also invariably become a problem for the storage units rented near yours. For this reason, it is important that you are a good neighbor and avoid storing prohibited items in your rented space. 

Safety Tip: Never Store Dangerous Items in Your Storage Unit

It is important that you avoid putting certain items in your storage unit that could cause a fire while your unit is unattended, including each of the following:

  • gasoline or other flammable fluids

  • yard fertilizers

  • fireworks or explosives

Flammable materials, fireworks, and yard fertilizers can all cause a fire in your storage unit if they get too hot. This will not only ruin your belongings but will also do serious damage to the rest of the storage unit complex. In fact, most storage units prohibit storing each of these items and you will sign an agreement when renting that you will specifically exclude these items from your storage area.

Safety Tip: Never Store Live Plants or Animals in Your Self-Storage Unit

Finally, in addition to all of the items listed previously, you should never store any live plants or animals in your storage unit because they will die from heat and a lack of fresh air. Once they have died, they will then become attractants for pests such as insects and rodents. You should also avoid storing taxidermy mounts because they also have the scent of a deceased animal to rodents and can cause issues to arise.