Self-Storage Options to Consider

Moving out of a house after a lease is up does not always mean that another home is immediately available to live in. You have to first find a house, and then go through the application process to get approved. If you are in such a situation and need a safe place to keep your belongings, there are several self-storage options that you can choose between. You can store anything that you have, but some types of units are designed for specific things.

Below, you will learn about a few of the ways that you can store your belongings until a new home is found.

1. Store Your Vehicles Until They are Needed

If you own more than one vehicle, you can rent a self-storage unit that is designed for automobiles. You will be able to drive each of the vehicles through a garage door and park them in the unit. The units that are designed for storing vehicles are available in numerous sizes, so you should be able to find one that accommodates all of your vehicles. You can even park tall vehicles such as an RV inside of a self-storage unit. You will have the ability to access the unit at any time of the day or night.

2. Put Items in a Climate Controlled Unit

You can pack all of your belongings inside of a moving truck and take them to a climate controlled self-storage unit. The great thing about climate controlled self-storage units is that they can keep your belongings in a good condition. All it takes is for a storage unit to become excessively hot or cold for certain materials to get destroyed, such as wood. However, your unit will never reach extreme temperatures if you choose a climate controlled one. You can also place shelves and bins in the unit to keep your items organized.

3. Place Your Belongings in a Mobile Storage Vault

If you don't like the idea of renting a moving truck, loading it up, and then transporting your belongings to a remote unit, opt for a mobile storage vault instead. A mobile storage vault is one of the most convenient self-storage options. The rental company can bring a vault to your house so you can load it up. The vault will then be picked up and kept at the rental facility until you are ready for it to be delivered to your new home for unloading.

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