A Comic Book Lover’s Guide To Self Storage

Do you wear the term "geek" like a badge of honor, and have an impressive collection of comic books? If so, you're not alone. According to Business Insider, Americans spent an estimated $870 million dollars on comic books in 2013. If you simply don't have enough space at home to store your collection of comic books, you might be considering self-storage. A self storage unit is a great option, but you still need to store your precious collection correctly. Here are a few simple tips to help you store your comic books safely:

Storing Your Comics The Right Way

Storing your comics is a simple process that begins by purchasing boards and bags – both of which are available online or at your local comic book store.

The type of boards and bags you choose is dependent on your budget and the value of the comics. If your budget is tight and you're storing comics that aren't valuable or rare, the best option is to choose basic boards and polyethylene bags.

If you have more money to spend or are storing comics that are valuable, invest in Mylar bags and acid-free boards. Mylar is a stronger material than polyethylene and will help protect your comics from the damage caused by moisture and oxygen. Acid-free boards are manufactured with a pH neutral pulp that will help prevent your comics from deteriorating and yellowing.

Whatever you choose, the boards will prevent the comic from bending and the bags prevent damage caused by accidental spills and the moisture that is naturally found in the air.

Once you have all your comics in bags, it's time to slip them into boxes. There are many options available at a variety of price points, including:

  • Standard Short and Long Boxes – Short and long boxes are designed specifically to store comics. These boxes are relatively inexpensive and the best option if you are storing several hundred comics.

  • Comic Binders – If your comic book collection is smaller, or you have several valuable comics you would like to store separately, comic binders are a great option.

  • Plastic Boxes – Plastic comic book storage boxes are more expensive than traditional long and short boxes, but they will provide more protection.

  • Filing Cabinets – If you have an extensive comic book collection, filing cabinets are a great option. The cabinets will keep the comics well-protected and they allow you to store several thousand comics in a more compact area. This option is ideal if you have a huge collection, and not a lot of store space.

The Best Environment For Your Comics

Now that you have your comics loving stored in boards, bags and boxes, it's time to find the ideal environment for your collection. If you're keeping your comics at home, never store them in the attic, garage, basement or any other area that is humid or not temperature-controlled.

A closet on the main floor or an extra bedroom is the best place to store your comics at home. Make sure your comics are not exposed to direct, bright light and are kept away from any windows, furnace registers and exposed pipes.

If you don't have the space at home, or want to provide the ideal environment for your comics, consider a self storage unit. Choose a unit that is temperature-controlled and large enough to accommodate all of your boxes, binders or filing cabinets.

It has taken you years to amass your impressive comic book collection. Don't allow all of that time and money to go to waste and instead, follow these simple tips to help ensure your precious collection retains its value for several years to come.