Tips For Saving Your Children’s School Keepsakes

Many parents are sentimental, so they don't want to simply throw away all of their children's keepsakes from their school years. Unfortunately, it can be difficult finding room for everything you want to keep. The following are a few tips that can help you store items successfully without having them take over your home:

Tip #1: Sort out items that are suitable for saving

Some children's school keepsakes just aren't made to be saved. Generally, anything that is made with food, like macaroni art, or that contains paste, such as paper mache, will slowly disintegrate over time if it doesn't attract pests first. For these items, a better option is to photograph the items and then save the photographs instead. This way you can dispose of the original without any guilt.

Tip #2: Set up a system

Start a system as soon as your child starts school. One of the easiest ways to control the overload of keepsakes is to invest in a single plastic storage tub for each year. Save your favorite items in the tub – anything that won't fit must be photographed and printed or saved digitally. The reason to choose plastic tubs is that they are sturdy enough to withstand longterm storage, plus they keep moisture out of your beloved keepsakes.

Tip #3: Invest in acid free tissue sheets

Another issue with children's artwork and school items is that they are often made with crayons and paint that can bleed onto other saved sheets of paper over time. A simple way to prevent this is to insert a sheet of tissue paper between each saved piece of work. Opt for acid-free tissue paper so that the chemicals in the paper won't discolor the artwork over time. You can also crumple up sheets and insert them into three-dimensional keepsakes so they aren't damaged or flattened during storage.

Tip #4: Invest in a storage unit

If you simply don't have room for saving keepsakes at home, don't despair. You can rent a small storage unit for a nominal monthly fee. Store the plastic tubs tightly sealed inside the unit to ensure the items are well protected. Label the outside with the child's name and year. Finally, lay pallets on the ground before stacking the tubs in the unit. This way if there is ever flooding or other issues, your tubs are elevated high enough to remain protected.

Your children are only young once, so make sure you keep the mementos of their youth safe. Click here for info about self-storage facilities.